For one of our pieces of assessment for the new semester at Jschool we were asked to write a profile story based on either a stranger, friend, or family memeber. I chose my mother.

In this piece of assessment I asked for her permission first to see if it would be fine for me to use her remarkable story for this assement piece.

During the process of the interview I found out how much she had gone through at such a young age. She lived in rural Philippines at first raised by a friend of her deceased mother she endured harsh punishment for no reason.

It was when she was 10 she was found in a room tied up with rope that left  wrists bruised and duct tape on her mouth to keep her from screaming. A woman came and took her away from that and saved her life.

My mother lived with her until she was 12 however had to drop out of school in grade 7 to take care of her foster mother.

She later died of Cancer for she was unable to afford kemo.

I cried so much. When she told me everything she had endured and if it wasn’t for my father she probably would’ve still been on the streets.

She is a remarkable human being. I adore and love her with all my heart. I found it the most rewarding and gutsy story to write.