For the past 35 years I have been fascinated by movies and cinematography whether they were made by the independent filmmakers or blockbuster juggernauts.

At age 15, I started writing my own feature film scripts for fun but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I would be in movies.

I went on to acting in short films and feature films but I was given the opportunity to write my very own script.

It was for a webisodes called The Wilkinses which I assisted in the process of casting actors, became the costume designer and assistant producer on the show.

Now another 10 years has passed I didn’t know how to combine my two favourite passions, writing anything film related and talking with more cool famous people.


I know a lot of people want to be a hard-hitting journo who love politics but for me I want to interview and write about those “famous” people and be a reviewer of films.

Remember back in school when teachers would ask you what you wanted to do when you leave, many…me included said they didn’t know.

It only took me 20 years to figure that out……HERE’S TO ANOTHER 20….haha.