Before starting my course in journalism, I started to work at a local radio station as a radio presenter.

After eight weeks of working on radio, I have found that it is one of the best jobs i have ever had and it is such a good learning experience which i am sure will come in handy as my career in Journalism starts.

Working on radio, You have the ability to interview people as well as engage in conversation with people from all walks of life and on top of that, You get to play your favorite music on the radio and what could funner than that?.

Since working at the radio station i have found that my writing is quicker and more efficient and i have found that it is so much easier now to interview and talk to people in general than it was eight weeks ago.

I think it is an awesome experience and i recommend it for anybody studying journalism because it will help you immensely in the future and you get to play cool tunes which i am sure, Everyone loves to do.

Thanks for reading