We all know unions are unAustralian. Unaustralian? UnAustralian?


That’s more like it. Hang on, at the beginning of a sentence it should be Un-Australian, except in this instance it’s not. un-Australian! Bugger.

We all know that just like homophobes, poofters, terrorists, racists, families, churches, Halal Certified party pies and the Irish; unions are un-Australian (bloody nailed it this time).

Last week, however, I loaded up the latest version of the TOR browser, so as to avoid detection by the Australian’s Supporting Ignorance Organisation, and tried my hand at a little bit of harmless treason.

That’s right, I joined the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

I had to make a decision about which level of membership to take. It wasn’t easy because, as we all know, white men are only good at making decisions that affect everyone but themselves. In all other circumstance it’s best to call mum. So I did.

I had to choose between a $1 p/week student membership and $14 p/week Freelance Pro membership. Both seemed like pretty good value, despite the blatant corruption involved. I’m not telling you which one I picked because mum said not to.

Either way, a shiny new membership card arrived within a few days, with my aesthetically pleasing jaw line graphically depicted on the front. On the back is a big thing telling people to let me in places and answer my questions because, well, because I’m a journalist.

I see what’s going on here and I call bullshit. This is like one of them online priesthoods.

Or an online degree….. (crickets).

Anyway, convinced I had found the source of the con (source haha, student journalists joke) – I proceeded to give the thing a whirl.

But by Guardian, by Age, by Australian & by Crikey…

It works!


If it’s not clear by now I’m suggesting you join the MEAA. ^^^ They produced the excellently informative little publication linked above.