Hey all

I have not long started my diploma in Journalism and so far i am absolutely loving it.

I decided to learn Journalism. I have to say since i have started, i have absolutely been hooked, Finally i have found that passion for something and when you have passion for something, You find the work is fairly easy. The whole reason i took journalism up other than loving to write was because i watched a UFC event and i saw how in depth and good the journalists were that are covering the sport.

Seeing that just made me say to myself, i can do this and i want to do this. The sad thing is there isn’t much opportunity in Australia to cover a sport like Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts and it is a real shame because MMA is taking over the world.

MMA events are selling out in Australia, UFC 193 has set the record for the biggest attendance with 56,214 people coming to see the event. I am hoping in the future that jobs become available in Australia for journalists in Mixed Martial Arts, It would be the best job in the world covering the sport you love and having the passion to do it makes everything easier.