Finding a story is one thing, but when you are asked to approach someone you don’t know to see if there’s a story of interest there, that’s altogether another thing.

Okay, everyone as a story!

Yes, that’s true but where was I going to get that story?

Easy, so I thought, and it usually is with people you’re familiar with or a prearranged interview. But to find someone just out of the blue now that was going to be a challenge for me.

The Mall! ┬áthe perfect place I thought and I can get a coffee while I’m there.

The moment arrived, and I’m there standing at the entry to the shopping center. As I started looking around thoughts flooded in, maybe I’ll look for an elderly man with tails of war or Muslim women and talk about living here in Australia, and the thought raced on.

Then, finally I spotted them, perfect I thought.
Only to have more questioned and thoughts entered my mind.

“How hold are they? Hopefully, over 16 they look about maybe late teens.”
“Are they just friends or are they more?

The thoughts continued, so I did what anyone looking for a story does.
I followed them from a distance. I’m not sure why maybe I was trying to talk myself out of approaching the two young women and for a split second I did. I gave up on the idea.

Then they parted company one went for food, and the other went into a nearby shop. That’s it I thought. My mind was quite happily going in one direction when my body decided to go the other way and approached the young lady.

I introduced myself, and the rest is history. I got the story I needed and went home via a coffee.