Waking up on Bastille day with a smile on my face, I reach for my phone to send my best friend a photo of unforgettable bastille memories, a day of picnicking underneath the Tour Eiffel with a bottle of wine, French cheese and bread, a day I will think fondly of for a life time.

However, when I opened my phone on this bastille morning I was greeted not with fond memories, but with terror, awful news of attacks that had taken place in Nice while the French were celebrating their national holiday.

Nice, France: Dozens killed, hundreds injured as truck drives into Bastille Day crowd.

“At least 84 dead and over 200 injured after a truck drove through a crowd in Nice” my phone read, “Many children among attack victims in nice” read another headline.

Photos of the bullet pierced truck, bloody streets and injured bodies rolled across the screen of my phone.

Australian journalist Ben terry was in Nice for the attacks when he had to run from gunfire, seeking shelter in a nearby storage room.

Other Australians who were at the scene have reported that the aftermath was ‘gruesome and disturbing.’

Marcus Freeman a man from Sydney brought strangers into his hotel room to shelter in lockdown.

Any major world event such as this forces people to seek shelter in the trust of others, I think the Aussies have a way with doing this.

The question remained however, was this an act of terror? The Australian, was quick to call the events a suspected act of terror, confirming their suspicions once the attacker apparently confirmed his allegiance to terrorist groups.

Other news such as CNN, however was not so sure, their reporters calling the event an act of selfishness, and not linking the attack to any militant group.

Since the reports of the evening, officials have confirmed that the act was that of terror, confirming the attacker acted on behalf of extremist religious groups and organisations associated with terror.

Remembering this Bastille day with a heavy heart, and hoping bastilles past and future will remain in good spirits.