One day I would love to get a chance to purchase a work visa to visit New York City. Work at The New York Times, it sounds just amazing. Get a chance to trudge the concrete City pathways and capture every story i can to make a difference over in America. It’s definitely going on my bucket list, i won’t let myself kick the bucket until I see the skyscrapers of New York and Liberty island. The New York Times has been around since 1896 and that amount of history i would love to soak up through the roots of that incredible company and the only way to do that is to go there myself and show everyone how great of a writer i can be. The arts, economic sectors, wall street, my hairs stand on edge just spewing out those words. Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones truly believed in the paper because they thought it was genius. It started off as the New York daily but over time it was shortened slowly because they needed a simple title that displayed the paper. This history is so rich and earthy is why i want to work at the “New York Times” or should i say “The New – York Daily”.