84 killed, truck mowed over a crowd in such an incredible event. Bastille Day was interrupted by a viscous terrorist. This is the second terror attack, can France get a little peace. This tragic event has booked every time on the TV for weeks. Every state has payed tribute towards France especially Sydney showing the colors of the France flag upon the stone of the Sydney Opera House. Hundreds of News channels have shown up at Nice and payed tribute to the somber crowd as they trudge the depressing streets of Nice, France. The tone turned down the next few days in nice as everyone lays flowers upon the graves of their loved ones. Most news channels I’ve scanned, they posted graphic and horrific photos that explain every detail of the tragedy. They posted a gauntlet of bodies laid in a row, all 84 bodies for people to see as the night streamed through. There aren’t a lot of ways to capture this event on the News, they talk about it in the studio or they go to France themselves and capture information from the scene.¬†Switching through every channel you see Nice attack, Nice attack and Nice attack this horrible tragedy won’t be forgotten for years especially for the sad people of Nice, France.