Pauline Hanson warns media with new iPhone app. So not scared.

Pauline Hanson warns media with new iPhone app. So not scared.

Pauline Hanson is demanding a “fair go” from newspaper journalists. In a bizarre video uploaded to her official ‘Please Explain’ Facebook page, Ms Hanson threatened to boycott reporters, instead opting to chat with citizen journalists via the ASX-listed app, Newzulu. “It’s no wonder that your newspaper sales and ratings are going down,” Ms Hanson said(…)

NSW Health Minister: Why she shouldn’t resign

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner is in the middle of a career crisis, with calls for her resignation following a tragic hospital mix-up caused the death of a newborn. A second infant has suffered serious brain damage, after both babies were treated with nitrous oxide, rather than oxygen following their births. Understandably the family who(…)

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Earlier this year I was on vacation in Kerala, India. Over rice and curry and Kingfisher longnecks I got to talking to a Russian bloke. He was ex-military and the conversation drifted to recent geopolitical events involving Russia and the West. He was adamant that the Russian media was reporting facts and that Western media(…)

Sport in Newspapers

When I was living in the UAE and UK, boxing stories featured quite heavily in daily newspapers. Many lead stories were fight reports or breakdowns of upcoming fights. Even fighters who were from outside those countries would have stories written about them. In Australia a lot of people don’t know fighters from outside Australia, which(…)

Ethical Journalism and Writing

Currently I have two lives: one as a journalism student, the other as an animal attendant. In the world away from writing, learning and chasing stories, I look after dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rats at my local shelter, cleaning, feeding and showing these homeless animals some TLC before they finally are adopted. All of(…)

Telephobia in the Journalist Student

As a journalist student, you’re expected to make lots of phone calls as part of your training. But what happens if you have phone call phobia, or as it’s also simply known as, phone phobia? (Well, its ‘technical’ name is telephobia). Don’t laugh! It’s a real thing. This makes making a phone call to get(…)

Dangerous and Difficult Times for Journalists.

During, 2014, Israeli-Gaza conflict there seemed to be silence from the foreign journalists reporting from within the Gaza strip during the 50 days of bombings. The following few headlines reveal a small glimpse of what was happening in Gaza. “The death toll among journalists during Operation Protective Edge was staggering.” “Journalists threatened by Hamas for(…)

Story on my mother.

For one of our pieces of assessment for the new semester at Jschool we were asked to write a profile story based on either a stranger, friend, or family memeber. I chose my mother. In this piece of assessment I asked for her permission first to see if it would be fine for me to(…)

The Full Circle Spectrum.

For the past 35 years I have been fascinated by movies and cinematography whether they were made by the independent filmmakers or blockbuster juggernauts. At age 15, I started writing my own feature film scripts for fun but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I would be in movies. I went on to acting(…)

Interviews with my own mother.

  For one of our assessment we had to interview someone with an interesting story I found myself drawn to my own mother. Listening to my mother for the last 35 years I have found her life to be quite remarkable. Growing up in a physically, emotionally and sexually abusive home at a young age,(…)


It usually goes one or two ways when my career response to people is to be a newspaper journalist; “That’s awesome. Good job.” Or, “Why? Newspapers aren’t even going to be around in the future.” The second response, to no surprise, always leads to a heated discussion. Regardless of what the future brings, and contrary(…)

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