My last day at the Gladstone Observer went much the same as all the other days as I was here. I had to vox pops for the third time – YAY! I also got to write a couple of interesting stories. Upon reflection, every story I’ve written in my time at the Observer has been interesting. Personally, I’ve noticed my growth as a reporter – particularly in developing my interviewing skills. Even doing vox pops has become a more comfortable take for me despite the fact that they are daily the most dreaded office task. However, this time I got my four responses from interviewing just 5 people and all 5 were extremely nice and willing to contribute. After six weeks I’m still astonished at people’s willingness to award me with stories to write – two weeks ago I got to write the back page sports story for Saturday’s paper. Overall, I’m extremely grateful for the experience and all the lessons I have learnt!