Walking into my third day at The Gladstone Observer I was feeling pretty confident.

In the two days previous that I had spent in the newsroom, I had covered some exciting stories over a range of topics.

The most interesting story for me, thus far, was interviewing Bruce and Denise Morcombe on their tour through Queensland.

For a newsroom, the Observer seems to be fairly relaxed – the advertising team sit at one end of the room, the editorial team at the other end and everyone just goes about their own business.

As in intern with no experience in a newsroom, I think I’ve really been thrown in the deep end which is the best way to learn.

Each story I’ve done I’ve had to interview people by myself and write my stories with little guidance besides general editing.

I have taken an interest in sports reporting and as there is only one sports journalist for the whole of Gladstone, there is always a story to go around.

Half way through my internship and I’m really enjoying the tasks I’ve been set and the stories I’ve produced.

Three more Fridays to go and I’m interested to see what comes next!