During the first semester, one of our JR101 assignments was to do an interview in regards to ANZAC day. I interviewed this man who was a former solider during¬†Operation Solace 1RAR. It was my first interview I’d done face to face too, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But he’d discussed his life after having had served and just how dramatically it changed, one thing I remember him telling me was that although he’d usually did not like talking about it, it was at the same time nice that he was appreciated enough for someone to actually ask him questions about it and that they were generally interested. Though it was rather upsetting to hear some of the things he’d told me, it definitely puts more a perspective on things – in saying that, I watch some of the 60 minute segments, where they’re talking to people about intense situations that they’ve been through and it amazes me how put together some journalists can be.