Back in 2013 I was employed as a photographer at a small, local newspaper in Rockhampton, our manager had decided to offer a free local car review as part of a package to entice local car dealers to advertise with us.

Having only 1 full time journalist, a cadet and our editor, the call went out and I was asked if I wanted to write the reviews, how hard could it be, I have read car reviews before. Take a car for a drive, jot down a few notes, take a photo or 2 in an appropriate setting for the vehicle and then just type out a few sentences when back in the office. Yeah sounded easy, the boss wasn’t too impressed with my first draft.

“It’s got 4 wheels, sunroof, and leather seats”

I must admit, this was in jest, and the boss did take it well, with the help of our Editor, I knocked a few words together and came up with a respectable report. The car dealer agreed to the package and I got to road test some nice vehicles over the next few weeks