Being it that time of the year, where we’re less than a week out from finishing up the semester, it starts to roll in with the daunting questions, the one I’m referring to mostly is, “what are you going to do once you’re finished?” or even “do you have a plan for your future?” and for those who do in fact have a plan for their future or have plans in general for what they’re going to do once we’re finished, I envy you.

Because quite frankly, I’m rather unsure of what I’m going to do and when you’re unsure, it’s hard to answer the question, so you shrug and give a short “I’m not really sure” and with that you’re met with a disappointing head nod and an awkward silence.

But with only being out of high school for less than a year, it feels pressuring when people ask especially when they expect you to just know, “but you’re studying, you must have some idea?”
I know I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but then was always told I had to be more realistic about what I wanted even if that meant I had to be unhappy. But I think it’s okay to have unrealistic dreams and it’s okay to be at a crossroads with what you want, because most of those things shape us as the people we become in the future and maybe that’s how we decide.