Yoga is an amazing human physical activity.  It tones the body and prepares the mind for stillness and success.  I’ve been practicing yoga for many months now and can apply it to other activities in life.  For instance, hiking up a hill.  Turn on your core strength, focus on your leg muscles and bones being in alignment and engaged.  Automatically the mind focuses on a single point up the hill and there’s a lot more in the tank to hike up the incline of a hill.  It’s no longer as physically demanding.  I can see journalism is going to be career where yoga can also be of use.  Yoga empties the mind of distractions enabling even breathing, meditation and clarity, a downward dog feeds blood to the brain aiding creativity.  These are the same skills students of a journalism diploma need.  As I sit at the computer and contemplate the skills I will need to succeed, I straighten my back,  tighten my core and regulate my breathing.  With the fundamentals of yoga engaged, I can see skills such as  clarity, strength, focus, determination and creativity will help me to achieve in journalism.