I’m about to become a homeless bumkin, or maybe I already am? Seriously, next week I pack up my stuff from my ‘halfway’ house and set out on the road in my troopcarrier van, which will become my primary residence. I’m daunted. I will however have things to write about. New places, the man who runs along the beach each morning, the other homeless people I meet, the old farmer at the end f the bar and their stories. I’m a good listener and I have an inquisitive persona. I was last year, a fully employed family person living in a lovely house in the countryside hosting Chinese farm stay guests. How I’ve come to this place is a story in itself. For now though, being so footloose and fancy free is exciting and daunting in the same emotional space. Do I have what it takes to keep it all together and keep up with my journalism studies, take pictures, do yoga and breathing the fresh new air. Time will tell!