When I was a child, all I wanted to do be was an adult. As an adult, I often dream about having the same simplicity in life as children do. You wake up with breakfast waiting for you. You get driven to school where you spend the day with your friends, eat your packed lunch and later get picked up and driven home. In my case, I was driven to a basketball stadium and set free to run amuck all night until it was time to leave to go home, eat dinner and go to sleep. While there is something liberating that comes with living out of home, supporting myself financially and having the freedom to do what I want, I cannot help but occasionally crave the life of my adolescent self. I recently travelled to Europe on a Contiki tour for four weeks. My life on tour reminded me of my life as a child. Well, not exactly, but in terms of the weight of my responsibilities, the two were very similar. In Europe I woke up to a prepared breakfast, dropped off at a destination where I spent all day with my friends, picked up at the end of the day and set free to run amuck all night. It was when I was bought back to reality and all my responsibilities, did I realised why travelling the world is so addictive; I get to be a kid again for a little while. Not only did I get to kick my responsibilities to the curb, I got to do so while being in the most amazing cities in the world and seeing sites I dreamt of as a child. Upon my return home I had a bad case of the post-holiday blues. However, life is about balance and I now recognise that those life-changing, overseas experiences are a reward for handling my responsibilities at home.