Wimbledon recently wrapped up with Serena Williams taking out the title for the sixth time. Amazing right? The woman just won her sixth Wimbledon, her 21st Grand Slam Title and cemented her World Number One ranking. Instead of celebrating yet another of Serena’s career milestones, people choose to take aim at her appearance, saying she looks like a man.

While I am sure Serena Williams has copped her fair share of discouraging comments online, I would assume it does not phase her, and nor should it. Her body is a machine that has made her one of the most successful tennis players of all time. So what do people get out of sitting behind a computer screen and criticising a person’s body?

Sadly, there are always going to be people in the world who want to put other people down. On the upside, there are people like J.K. Rowling who make the world a better place. Not only did she create the greatest series of books there ever was, she also came out in defence of Serena Williams, posting this on her personal Twitter account in response to an internet troll:


Faith in humanity restored … for now.