Genetic modification is one of the most controversial issues of our time.


According to an article published in the courier mail on the 4th of February 2015, “British MP’s say it’s ok to make babies from the DNA of three people.”


This is a move that could prevent children from inheriting fatal diseases such as mitochondria disease that is inherited from their mothers.


Diseases such as muscular dystrophy, heart, kidney and liver failure could be prevented by removing the nucleus DNA from the egg of a prospective mother, and inserting it into a donor egg.


This means that the baby would have the DNA of its parents, but the mitochondria DNA of the donor.


Critics argue that such techniques cross a fundamental scientific boundary and could lead to creating the “designer baby.”


Mothers suffering from mitochondria disease argue that they would like the option of one day having a child that would not be affected by the disease.


Rachel Kean who is a sufferer of mitochondria disease says that she hopes British politicians would approve the techniques.


“Knowing that you could bring a child into this world for a short, painful life of suffering is not something I would want to do,” she said.


Has science and technology gone too far? Or are such techniques a valid adaption to the modern world?


This will be a topic of debate for many years to come.


Even though I object, I still believe that women in a position alike Rachel Kean should have the option to choose whether they want to bring a child into this world via embryo modification or not.


As every person is entitled to their own choice and opinion, who am I to tell another that what they believe in to be wrong or right if the outcome could save the life of a child?