There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the two largest social media platforms, where everyday people become insta famous and the selfie became a social norm.

But gone are the days of scrolling through endless amounts of perfectly angled and filtered photos without any disruption from the outside world. Just like Facebook, your Instagram feed is about to be flooded with advertisements. Not just with any other pointless product, but with Big Macs and $1 frozen cokes…yes that’s right McDonalds is about to take over.

As a last dash attempt to fix slipping sales McDonalds recently ran numerous sponsored ad campaigns on Instagram to promote the Bacon Clubhouse Burger that was launched earlier in the year.

But how has the general public reacted? Well even though a most recent post received over 45,000 ‘likes’ the photo also received almost 2,000 comments and most of which were negative.

Even though the feedback wasn’t what McDonalds had anticipated, we’re all still talking about it so does that make it a successful ad campaign?

Now after all this talk about cheeseburgers and fries, you’ll have to excuse myself while I go and buy myself a happy meal.