When you hear the words ‘Melbourne Cup’ you generally think of two things. Yes, horse racing would be the first but the second would be “what am I going to wear?” The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s most important days on the fashion calendar, where all the stars step out in their best frocks and don their best bow ties.

But this year Flemington race course said a big no to 2014’s biggest fashion statement, yes that’s right it was a crop-top crackdown.

While no patrons flashing tummies where turned away, those who entered Fashion’s on the Field were only allowed to progress to the finals if their stomachs were at least covered in sheer fabric or fine lace.

Personally I applaud this move, yes it may be a far cry attempt to make the event as classy as possible but why shouldn’t it be? The Instagram page Drunk girls of Melbourne Cup has made headlines around the country and I know that it’s every parent’s nightmare to find their son or daughter on that page racking in the likes, but to be honest what the page depicts isn’t far from the truth.

It’s one day out the year that you have the excuse to wear the most beautiful dress and to act like an utter lady so why not take advantage of it. Now I’m what some would call an ‘old soul’ so do you think an event like Melbourne Cup should have a strict dress code?

Wold love to know what you think.