I was on television the last day of my ABC internship. You might not have recognised me because it was just my hand and notebook, but that still counts, right?

The police media room was exactly like I was expecting, right down to the high school style chairs with the note taking desk attached. Police Commissioner Ian Stewart fronted the media to discuss the rape charges facing two Northern Queensland police officers.

Sitting in the back row, I took notes and wished I already knew shorthand.

Following the presser I shadowed Kristina Harazim as she prepared herself to do a piece to camera. Listening to her organise her thoughts and the facts of the story, I was pleased to see that the number of read throughs I need to do wasn’t quite as excessive as I’d previously thought.

Of the things I did I think this was my favourite experience. One that I hadn’t known I’d wanted or would really learn from. Watching someone do their job was actually really interesting. Hopefully with time and practice I’ll feel as confident as she seemed to be.

Though it wasn’t what I’d expected, I did learn a lot from my week at the ABC. Among the lessons where things I could have done differently. If nothing else, I’ll be better prepared for any placements I do in the future.