Yesterday Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the upcoming federal election will be held Saturday, September 7th.

It was 4:05pm when I first read the announcement would be made at 4pm from the news updates on my facebook feed, so I quickly jumped up from my seat to switch on to the only news channel I was sure to be covering the occasion – ABC1.

Accompanied by my sleeping one eyed cat, I nestled into my couch, fondling the remote as I eagerly waited for the TV to register my request. And there he was.

I watched, captivated by his silver locks swaying in the breeze, and the brightness of his very bright pink tie which held my attention.

“The time has come for the Australian people to decide on our nations’ future”, he said.

He asked “warts and all” for the Australian public to trust in his bigger picture for our nation, in almost direct conflict with that of the Liberal National Party.

However, in defence of the opposition, LNP leader Tony Abbott embraced the opportunity to appeal to the “fair dinkum” side of the voters, addressing the media with promises to “scrap the carbon tax, get the budget back under control, build infrastructure of Australia and stop the boats”.

“The choice is between the positive plans of the coalition, and more of the same from the Australian Labor Party, and Mr. Rudd”, he said.

For one who struggles to keep up with politics, I found myself identifying a peculiar sense of excitement, with the political events of the last few months it’s only going to get more intense, and possibly more interesting as this month passes.

Let the latest race for political power begin.