Cableway, no way!

Today was day one for my return to the ABC news radio team on the Gold Coast, and the timing was magic. Looking through the daily papers for stories to follow up, there on page 4 (or it could have been 6, or 8… one of the even pages anyway) of the Gold Coast Bully(…)

From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

Final day started without hiccup, got ready faster and earlier than normal and made my way to the train. All the paper’s staff, including the editor were busy with deadline so I wasn’t given as much to do. All-round a pretty slow day and it was quite sad to leave in the end. The staff(…)

Of Bylines

I could discourse for hours on the subject of bylines, but life is short so I’ll take just 90 seconds. One of my better articles wasn’t bylined. Why? Not enough space, so the least significant thing (from the sub-editor’s point of view) got deleted – namely, my name. I’ve included this article in my portfolio of published pieces(…)

The darndest thing

So the darndest thing happened on Friday night. Frazer Pearce (editor) called me into his office after I had just submitted my last few stories for the weekend paper. He said he had made an adjustment to the lead of one of the stories and wanted me to have a read to see if it was(…)

Week that was meant to be

Well my first week of the internships at Quest Newspapers, Bowen Hills, have been completed…..and what have I learned….This week was meant to happen…. You ask why? Well it has allowed me to realise that doing my internship up at Caboolture and doing this one here (even though it is Quest) is vastly different. At(…)


AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOU JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP: PART 1 As I stepped out my front door on Tuesday the 4th of September I put myself into auto-pilot mode and made my way to Ipswich news feeling completely unprepared. I had finished work at 5pm the evening before when the reality(…)

Bundy Intern – A New Hope

I arrived at Bundaberg Regional Airport at 09.50am on Sunday morning as scheduled. The memo must have not gone out because there was no paparazzi there to greet me. Oh well. Since there is no public transport on weekends I took a taxi into the city. The taxi driver was as excited about my internship(…)

I totally forgot!

Okay this will be short because I unwittingly allowed it to slip my mind. So I am going to be writing a column. But not just any column. I will be making a social critique on my most cherished of books. It was inspired by my flight over, when I was stuck between two women(…)

My first week at the Bully

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Emma McBryde and her fiancee Juan (honestly can’t remember his last name :S). I am lucky enough to not have to pay for accomodation during my stay in Rockhampton. They provided me with my own room which has been great. Having arrived on father’s day I was(…)


Well, did I say yesterday that today would be another day and therefore a new story? I was wrong… Indeed, I was literally glued to my chair, struggling to translate 600 words from French to English but also answering question to the editor who wanted some clarification. I had a break of 20 minutes for(…)

It’s time

Today John mourned the loss of a former QT journalist to the ‘dark side’ of PR. (I heard Darth Vader and the imperial forces offered more money and advancement.) I recall a recent article in The Australian which stated there were about 19,000 journalists to 16,000 PR officers. It’s time to run the numbers again.(…)

Interesting times at Fairfax

What an interesting time to be a journalist in a Fairfax newsroom! My week at The Age has been different to say the last and it couldn’t contrast more to the small country newsroom I was in during June. Day 1 began with a tour of the two floors of the seven floor building that(…)

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