Tuesday September 11

Today I was sent out to cover a new Barrel House opening at Bundaberg Distilling Co. That’s Bundy Rum to you alcoholics.

This was my first interaction with the other media outlets in the area. Channel 7, WIN and the local radio station 4BU. We were subject to a safety talk before heading to the distillery wearing those fluorescent media jackets.

The distinguished guests included the mayor and a Bundaberg tourism representative. They gave their speeches and cut the ribbon. Standard fair I suppose. It was also an opportunity to ask questions at my first ‘presser’ afterwards which went well.

We were all offered some Bundy rum from the new distillery. I’m not a rum drinker. The PR woman asked me why. I said I preferred whisky. I was evicted from the premises.

PS I searched everywhere for the Bundy rum polar bear but could not find him. I hate to suggest this but I’m starting to think he has been concocted by the marketing department to sell the rum. I’m going to dig deeper. This could be my Bundygate.