Monday September 10

Busy day today. I was given two stories and supplied one of my own ideas.

My story idea was to write something regarding World Suicide Prevention Day. Obviously being a global event the key, as it is with every story, was to find the local angle.

I spoke to a Bundaberg counsellor who spoke with people who have depression. And I spoke to a man who lost his son to suicide. Sad story but important to get the message out so the stigma can be removed.

2361 people died as result of suicide in 2010

One in four deaths of people aged 15-44 is due to suicide.

Source ABS

The interesting thing here was the ethical responsibilities we have when writing stories regarding suicide.

First we can’t go into too much detail in terms of how the victim attempted or committed suicide.

Second we must put contact details for a support group such as Lifeline or Beyond Blue in the article.

I also got to work with a ‘fact-box’ in the article. It runs alongside the story and as the title suggests presents facts like those previously mentioned.

On a lighter note for another potential story I spoke to a man who wanted to revolutionise the English language. Could this man hold the key to the single biggest reformation of the English language we have seen? Was he Bunadberg’s answer to Shakespeare?

He seemed to think so. And so I gave him the opportunity to present his case. Basically he had a system which involved using a phonetic based teaching method.

I asked him for the exact details of his theory and if he had taught others.

And it was at this point I lost him.

He said he hadn’t taught anyone else and was the sole custodian of his method.

He wasn’t willing to share his trade secrets and suspected I may take the information and sell it as my own. (true, he had me there). He wanted me to contact Julia Gillard or a minister for something or other. I told him I don’t have those contacts.

I found out later he has sent letters regularly to the editorial trying to get their attention.

It looks as though our language revolution will have to wait. I know John will be disappointed.