Another week has begun and new stories are coming up, well I hope!

Yesterday I’ve done two stories, one was kind of hard news, which I thought would have been published today, but unfortunately did not end up in the newspaper.

First of all, because there are so many stories done by day that it is hard to “compete” with the journalists. Secondly and main reason, because they don’t like French people!

Anyway, yesterday I have asked to see how subs and “designers” worked, I was quite impressed. It is hard work to layout all the news into the paper and you must know exactly what to do. Lesson (for myself): if you don’t want to stay all your life in front of a computer, don’t do this job.

It is also good to see the subs correcting spelling mistakes and deleting words to fit the story in the preformed paper.

Well, today wasn’t not so exiting, expect when a pretty girl asked me to come with her and with the photographer to cover an accident. Finally I could go outside!

We got the car heading to the accident but after 5 minutes they realised it wasn’t worth it, too far away! Sad I was, cried I did not.

A nice journalist told me that she would give me a (medium) hard story to do tomorrow, so I’ll see how it goes!

Ah I almost forgot, Vive la République et vive la France!