Through my experiences I have learned that the first impression is one the most important things when introducing yourself.

I therefore followed my own advice and I think my first day wasn’t so bad!

I have started working for the Sunshine Daily Coast Daily at 9am and finish at 5pm.

When I arrived there I was, of course, anxious but happy to begin a new experience.

Obviously it is not so easy to get in touch with everybody because more than 30 journalists work there (without counting all the weekly newspapers, more than 20 journalists).

Well, I was reading stories on newspapers to see if I could get more “story ideas” and luckily one came out that I didn’t expected at all.

I have been asked to do a story about me! I thought it would be easy but au contraire it was quite hard. Indeed, talking about ourselves in the most objective way is a tough job. Apparently the story will be published on Saturday… I’ll let you know!

Anyway, this is my first story to do (I’ve started others as well) and I am trying to do my best though my English is still a “break.”

I also went out with a photographer for 3 hours and I must say it was fantastic.

It was a daily routine for the photographer but it was for me a great experience to see the fundamental work that attracts the reader. I have to say that I ate an ice cream and several strawberries during my tough job (that what’s happening when you cover stories with great people always happy to give you something back).

I will finish in saying that it is so gratifying to know that through our stories we can somehow helping people.

Good luck to everyone.