Once more into internship, the first day started with a malfunctioning alarm, leaving my mobile at home, go card scanners scamming me and a train that went so slowly it actually moved backwards at one point. Surprisingly it bothered me little, and I arrived just on time.

After the usual introduction I was assigned a desk, but after half an hour of trying to log in the editor gave up and I got the computer at the reception. I sat down with the editor and he was very happy with the story ideas I contributed, thankfully.

Throughout the day tradesmen were working on renovating the ceiling, and it was loud. Throughout each of the phone interviews I did I had to awkwardly explain the noise overpowering my voice,  that the building was being torn down around my ears, it did bring a couple good laughs however.

I don’t know if I will ever get used to taking down what someone is saying on the phone while simultaneously trying to have a natural conversation with them, not to mention I cannot write in longhand or shorthand at 100+ words/minute, basically the only issue I have had so far with this internship.

On my lunch break I approached the manager of Caboolture train station for a story that I was working on, the conversation went well right up until I mentioned I was a journalist from the local paper. After that his face went deadpan and you could almost see the wall he put up. It wasn’t a good feeling being so obviously disregarded, I suppose journalists develop a particularly tough skin.

The day ended early when the members of the office had to leave for a meeting at Bowen Hills, luckily I completed everything for the day before then. The receptionist said tomorrow would be business as usual. I will settle for something a little less dysfunctional.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy today, I think it was well worth all the trouble.