Where has the time gone? I know I haven’t blogged AT ALL about my internship, (barring one post!), but to be honest it has been a fairly full on two weeks and school and the ABC have had to take a backseat. During our break a very dear friend of mine passed away, and it has been a time for grieving and once again realising how fragile life is.

So this week, rather than rejoining my jschool friends for the second semester I am completing my ABC internship with the news radio team for four days, and the program production team Friday and Saturday.

Today was a little nerve-wracking! I felt very much at ease with the production side of things, but news radio made my palms clammy for some reason – especially when I had to go into the recording booth and conduct interviews, then edit those interviews for the news bulletins throughout the day.

But once I remembered how to use the editing programs I got into the swing of things, and then it was just a case of writing the intros for the news journalists to read in the news bulletins.

It was a good day for learning and getting back into my ABC routine, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week will bring…good luck to everyone this week back at jschool and I will see you all next week!