You’re probably looking at my title and thinking I’m an idiot. But there’s good reason.
I’m sitting on level 1 of the RACQ building in Fortitude Valley.
Its a motoring/ anything magazine with an Australias Best Cars judge on hand so my top Gear reference’s are valid.
I am about to finish my internship at the Racq’s Roadahead magazine- the largest circulating publication in Queensland.
Only eight people prepare an 82 page magazine read by a million people.
Monday morning at 830 I was greeted by Jenie the secretary who instantly made me feel comfortable in the big scary print world.
We headed upstairs where Bonita and Debbie helped set up my office (a table in the hallway looking at a filing cabinet).
At 12pm when my own email address was up and running I started the story hunting. By the afternoon I had an interview with up and coming musician Jeremy Marou (part of Busbymarou who performed on Q&A).
Being an online lifestyle/ motoring/ caravanning/ electrical/ travel/ food/ outdoor magazine I had great freedom to write about my interests.
So I started writing motorsport.
By Tuesday a few big feature stories to the editor and as I’m sitting here on Friday arvo pretty happy.
On Thursday afternoon after being very quiet all week I bought up the courage to ask the editor Barry Green a pretty tough question…
What does he think about the V8 Supercars?
From then on we got no work done as we sat in the corridor talking for around an hour about world motorsport.
Another top bloke, – Kelley and I had a pretty good chat about the beautiful VT Commodore -Kelley owns and is modifying one.
So it’s the end of my internship and I’ve had an absolute blast. I just interviewed Editor Green and we seem to have the same idea on Journalism and motorsport.
He’s driven Lambo’s, Ferraris and every single type of car under the sun, been to England for track days and raced around the nurburgring and Spa.
I’ll also be working by correspondence on a motoring story dur for publication in October. – How awesome!
I really hope to keep in contact will all these people as they all made a great experience one to never forget.
I loved being in my element for a week.
Thank you very much for watching- goodnight – J Clarkson.