There is little doubt the situation in Iran is steadily disintegrating and that there is a bit of a cold war going on again.

Whether Iran is working towards developing a nuclear weapon remains technically unclear but it sure is certain Mr Netenyahu and Mr. Obama are more or less on the same watchful page when it comes to Iran. The coalition government in the UK is also discussing what role the UK could play in the event of another confrontation in the Middle East.

One of the big questions now is if the talks in Bagdad break down, which they appear to have, and Israel decides to go to war with Iran, then would British military intervention become inevitable and if so how legal would it be?

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was dubbed the illegal war because of accusations thrown at the UK and the US that they had gone to war without the support of the UN and that Blair and Bush lied in the run-up to the war.

This time the UN seem to be in somewhat of an accordance with Israel. (Another important question will be whether the people of Israel are in accordance with Netenyahu, which we won’t find out until October 2013, but perhaps it will be too late then!)

But on the topic of the UN, in November last year the International Atomic Energy Agency found substantial evidence to suggest Iran has been testing explosives and experimenting on denotating nuclear weapons. It was also suggested Iran might be trying to figure out how to attach explosives to flying objects such as missiles.

To make matters worse yesterday a number of UN nuclear inspectors found traces of uranium enriched at 27% at a nuclear site in Iran. Uranium needs to be enriched to 90% to make nuclear weapons but even so, if this particular site is doing what it claims to be doing – that is enriching uranium purely for civilian use then its uranium is supposed to be enriched at 20% not 27%.

So the figures are worrying and are as worrying as when Mr Ahmadinejad announced earlier this year the country was going to launch some “great” nuclear achievements and that Iran was not going to stop its programme to enrich uranium nor yield to the West if it continued to use “the language of force and insult.”

Yet there is still little evidence to suggest Iran’s nuclear programme is anything but peaceful.

When the West failed to find WMD in Iraq all hell broke loose, will the same thing happen if countries becomes involved in Iran. Will Cameron make the same morally-guided mistake Blair did when he decided to go to war in Iraq?

An analysis in the Weekend Australian by Andrew Davies addresses the difficulties Israel and the US would potentially face if going to war with Iran but other than that this weekend’s Australian has paid little attention to what might be the most important issue of the year.

The ‘peaceful’ elections in Cairo seem to have be given more attention and all that there is of Iran is a brief mention in a box on the corner of page nine taken from the Times.  Perhaps another war in the Middle East is of no interest to Australia. I’m keen to see what will happen in Moscow next month and will looking forward to opinion on what the ALP’s  stand will be on the issue of Iran.