This is my first blog in the history of my life. I don’t see the point of people who spend their days sitting at the computer reading other people’s opinions to form their own. Then is started reading some of my colleague’s blogs and man, SOME of them make some good points. I found myself reading with interest as each line hooked me onto the next.

So readers, I’m going fishing with you now.

Have we all seen the people with their old VT Commodores cruising around the streets with five stars plastered on the back windscreen to form the Southern Cross? These are the people that are proud Aussies. Driving a car steeped into Australian history and stickers that signify our great southern land.

While following a car of this exact description on the way home the other day the driver with the mullet casually lobbed a whole box of KFC chicken, chips and all out the window. Not only did he have a southern cross on the back he also had a ‘Love it or Leave it’ sticker. How can this Muppet without a hint of common sense in him have this sticker and rubbish the place that he is supposed to love? It’s the same every Australia day.

Everyone wakes up, wears a flag, meets mates for a BBQ and gets drunk. And their portrayed on the news as flying the Australian spirit. You could call this the material image. Being part of this land is the biggest privilege of all.

In countries of war they barely have water and in our country we have the best stretches of coast in the world. Appreciating what you have is a good start to being a true blue. It’s the hand you give a mate when a flood has inundated his home or a cyclone has flattened his home. It’s the chilling sense you get when you’re at any part of our great landscape. It’s the values of Ned Kelly and the thousands of Anzac diggers gone before us to make this country the best in the world.

Don’t just swear and drink to be Australian. Listen to John Williamson.

Hope I made some sense.