I’m a burger addict. I admit it. When I first heard about Beastie Burgers, I couldn’t help myself; I caved to the crave and conned some hungry friends into joining me at the South Bank restaurant.

The menu looked amazing, boasting flame-grilled burgers with tasty toppings like avocado, greens, Kenilworth cheddar, onion jam, beetroot, fried egg, roast eggplant and sweet potato.

Once we’d picked our poison — the Swiss Miss and a side of chips for me, an American in Noosa for my Canadian friend and the Sheepish Sheik for the local Brisbanite — we hunkered down to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Nearly 40 minutes later, our food arrived — cold and sans chips.  We were too hungry to complain, so we kept eating.

Instead of the burgasm I’d been expecting, my well-done burger was almost burnt. My friend’s medium was hardly cooked at all. The patty was overwhelmed by a massive white bun and overly prominent sharp cheese. It also felt like our meals were missing something. It wasn’t until afterwards we realized they’d forgotten to even put tomatoes on our burgers.

By the time the chips arrived, we’d almost finished our cold, questionably-cooked burgers. The handmade, real-potato-style chips — with the skins on — were an improvement to the burgers. Sadly, the server forgot our tomato sauce and we were stuck dipping in an overly creamy garlic aioli.

Thanks to the cold, lacklustre food and non-existent service, my friends and I agreed we wouldn’t be going back.

Rating: 4/10