School holidays!! It’s been a few years since my last lot and I had forgotten how refreshing it is to have a couple of weeks of lazing about and sleeping in. They are nearly over and mine have been terrific.


My wonderful partner Leon had a 5-day break from working in the mines in WA and treated us to a beautiful resort in Noosa, talk about spoilt! Although QLD I have to ask-where is all the sunshine?


Another pressing matter we discovered as two Victorians was the lack of excitement about the AFL in Queensland. We trekked to 3 “sports bars” Sunday night to watch the footy before finally discovering one in the CBD, which not only had BOTH matches on live but also the F1, yes! Needless to say it was full up with fellow Melbournians!


We had an amazing time last week although it went much too fast.  This week has been my first since moving from Melbourne where I have really felt the pinch of being homesick. Leon is back in WA, my housemates are at work and there is no J School to keep me occupied.


I have kept myself busy though with lots of shorthand, lots of reading and lots of news consuming. Can’t wait to get into next term!