Thoughts on a journalism “masterclass”

    “The essence of an independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.” – Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian.   I thought it apt to begin my blog with a quote from Hitchens, a journalist and author who has influenced me greatly. Reading the works of Hitchens,(…)

How to (public) relate with sources

I received useful guidance from BCC media officer in relation to asking for answers via e-mail, when an interview could not be arranged.   News story:   Tag line for news story or news angle Deadline (to receive answer):   Date and time Publication: Journalist:  my name and contact details.   Brief statement re news story, in(…)

First blog

Late to the party I would have thought starting three weeks late in a course would have been a disadvantage, a week later I’m working as if I hadn’t missed a beat. It’s a testament to the people at the head of Jschool. Straight to the point We haven’t wasted any time in jumping straight(…)

Easter Break and Reflection on Term 1

Easter Break and Reflection on Term 1

Well the easter breaks are almost over so what have I really been doing?  Thinking of what to write next actually, after all, we need stories to bring to the table and to write for Newsbyte and a journalists we need to go out there and write down the history that is happening around us! I(…)

Easter Holidays!

School holidays!! It’s been a few years since my last lot and I had forgotten how refreshing it is to have a couple of weeks of lazing about and sleeping in. They are nearly over and mine have been terrific.   My wonderful partner Leon had a 5-day break from working in the mines in(…)

How to script the news in six weeks

Government 101: In early Greece, votes were cast by pebble – black or white. In later years, the name of a politically dangerous person was written on a shard of pottery (‘ostracy’). The person with the most votes was evicted from Athens. Julius Caesar made a name for himself in foreign policy in his bid(…)

Beginning of something new

Wow what a start to the new year, it wasnt the beginning I was looking for, but once i was done….i was one of the lucky few who could get into Jschool to start a bit later, but thats later on in the story. My year for 2012 started off as like anyone, holding a “new years resolution”(…)