I started my first day with a sense of trepidation… Unlike my usual organised self, I hadn’t visited the newspaper’s office before my internship started. Luckily, a drawling American noticed my indecision when I got off the train (I was eeny-meeny-miny-moing whether to go right or left) and gave me directions. “You see that crane(…)

my vim & vigour

my vim & vigour

Of all the weeks in all the weeks of this year, why this week? Why was my vim & vigour so low? Beginning the week with a broken 4-hours of sleep didn’t help. I could have done a lot more if my vim & vigour was at even a reasonable level. A voice (a very(…)

The last huzzah!

Teachers, family, friends, esteemed guests and fellow journalists, This speech was possibly the hardest piece of writing I have had to do all year. After all, how could I do justice to the past year without making any style or grammar mistakes? And should I use the inverted pyramid style? Or go for a punchy(…)