I can’t believe my two weeks at the Herald Sun are over in a few hours. Like all my fellow Jschoolers who completed their internship, it has been an extraordinary experience.

Besides the crazy 4 seasons in an hour back home, everything seems to have gone very well. Oh and the fire yesterday, that was interesting!

My first week was in Features and I walked in a little worried how I would survive the week, but I was warmly welcomed and settled in fast. First day- quiet. I was moved up to News to work on the Facebook page. Lots of fun.

Second day, I really started researching, writing and editing my stories. Kamahl, who is the Your Time editor, gave me a story to work on and we discussed the possible ways of going about the story. After researching the story on “anti-bacterial products and their effectiveness” I managed to call and get comment from an expert at Monash University. This expert was not only useful but was great at simplifying difficult scientific concepts in plain English and fantastic analogies (Katie do you remember the story we did together and the fish back analogy?) I rang back to check a few facts and it proved to be worthwhile because he gave me more information.

I have to say, the skills I learnt from Desley on getting “expert opinion” and using them in my stories really helped me. Thankfully, I managed to finish the story which I’m glad I turned it on its head and sent it to Kamahl to edit.

Peter, the Features Editor, was extremely helpful and his advice was gold. I was given another story to research and work on- back-to-school bugs. Honestly I had no clue what to do and me and science aren’t best mates! Research and the help of Kamahl were paramount in getting this story up.

Once again, to give legs to the story I called the Australian Medical Association and sought comment from them on the story. Within a few hours I received an email with all my answers! As Kamahl was away, I walked in to seek Peter’s advice on how to structure the story. He sat me down and explained a few ways and said that in features they’re more relaxed on structure and gave me helpful hints. I followed his advice and Kamahl was glad when she returned to see this story.

Everyday I walked in Features Kamahl would provide me with a story and sit down with me and explain to me the mistakes she found in my story and how to get better at writing another one. Her advice, encouragement and belief in me made my week there the best of the 2 weeks- except the fire which happened yesterday!

In the afternoon, I was given a copy of the lift out to check before it goes to print. I picked up on a few mistakes and gave them to Peter. He was glad I picked up the mistakes in the Cars Guide. Oh, I forgot to mention I attended a few news conferences both morning and afternoon and it was amazing to see the paper in progress. Yes, it was pretty cool meeting the editor of the Herald Sun himself!

Tony Abbott just arrived! Wow! I didn’t expect that. I better go get a photo with him. See you all later!