Week 2, Day 3 & 4

My last couple of days were probably the hardest. After two weeks I was hooked. As much as I wanted to return to Brisbane for my friends and family, and of course a pay check, I didn’t want to leave a job which I was thoroughly enjoying.

By the end of my week I had a total of 10 published stories and nine bylines. Needless to say I’m on top of the world.

It’s certainly an experience which has motivated me immensely and has definitely put things back in perspective.

Back to my time at The Chronicle.

In my remaining time there, I had the opportunity to do a couple of more interviews. The one I remember the most was a group of gardeners. They ran a rose garden in town through public and council donations. They were lovely people and they all had lots of stories which were fascinating to listen to. I suppose the reason it was memorable to me was because I knew how much mum would love to have been there. Roses was her favourite flower, she would have been in her glory, surrounded by hundreds of roses.

On the topic of garden’s I also wrote a come more pieces about winners of the Toowoomba Carnival’s Flower, Food and Wine Festival. Thank goodness by the end of week two, the carnival was almost at an end, and so was its coverage.

Now, I can’t forget my daily vox pops with fellow intern Sophie. While a detested chore by most, Sophie and I enjoyed the chance to get out of the office. We certainly met some interesting people along the way.

On my second last day I finally had the chance to interview the man himself, news editor Michael Roser. With 35 years worth of experience, he certainly had a few stories to tell and no doubt will make for an interesting story.

All in all, I learnt a lot from my two weeks at The Chronicle and I had a fantastic time.

So until next time, goodbye and good luck to everyone at The Chronicle.