Day Two, Week Two:

The day began with our usual morning meeting and I certainly didn’t have a shortage of things to keep me occupied. In fact, I found myself quite run off my feet with lots of running around to do, going here and going there.

This morning I went to attend a morning tea for the Cancer Council. Members, volunteers and supporters would be taking part in a 3700km motorbike ride to celebrate 50 years of the Cancer Council. It was a great initiative that I was happy to go along and cover, but it wasn’t without difficulty.



I went down to their office at 9.30am that morning, not thinking to call up and double check the time. Turned out the morning tea didn’t begin for another half an hour. So after briefly returning to the office, we went back at 10am only to be informed the riders still hadn’t arrived yet. So after returning to the office for a second time, I worked away on some stories while awaiting the phone call to say they had arrived. Finally at 11am I was in luck. I was finally able to go and get my story and pic. I also happened to be joined by WIN TV who were also covering the event.

After my very eventful morning, I focused on writing up a school holiday program. After scouring through pages of school holiday activities, I finally finished and took a stroll down to the local museum to take some pics to go with my story. Cobb and Co museum was just as fascinating as I remember it from more than ten years ago.

When I returned to the office, I finished my day with a couple more stories about some carnival exhibitions, including the current Teapot Extravaganza. Then finally I was done for the day.

With only three days to go, I am trying to make the most of every minute of my time at The Chronicle. I will be very sad to leave, it has been  a great journey so far.