So, yes indeedy it is week two of my time here at the Sunshine Coast Daily. Day two of week two to be specific.

It started well enough, I came in half an hour early to get a bit of work done (wasn’t writing my best yesterday, needed a little catch-up time) and found my first article from the internship published in today’s paper. I wrote a piece about Ocsober, which was interesting enough to do. Yay, publishing etc etc. Its always a nice feeling.

Today I managed to get a 20 min interview with the editor here, Mark Furler. He’s been here since he was 18 years old, and has done some pretty interesting things – it was a fascinating chat. Pity it couldn’t have been longer.

I also spent about 40 minutes fact checking one thing for an article at my editors instruction, and I can now confirm that, yes, the Surf Air at Marcoola WAS the first high rise here on the sunny coast. Good grief that was a frustrating experience – not the having to do it – I get why and agree, but you really wouldn’t think it’d be so hard to confirm! Haha. Ah well, all over now. My recommendation? Calling first, it is by far the fastest way to get obscure information, and if not successful the fastest and easiest source of information to rule out.

Apart from that, the day progressed as per usual, nothing out of the ordinary to report I’m afraid. I don’t even have any eye-catching buzz words from the police scanner to tempt you with. But, stay tuned, you never know. Day’s not over yet.

Cheers big ears,

Hope you’re all travelling well.

Lara x.