The second day of my last week at Quest Newspapers started out pretty quiet with only one pending story but was waiting on a source.

But I did get to see my pieces that got a run in the paper, I had my favourite segment from last week ‘Anatomy of a Champion’ published in a large section in sport. Had another brief in sport promoting a State Schools Basketball Competition.

Last but not least had an arts story in there, but I did wonder if it was mine as it said ‘Brayden Hazelhurst’.


Not that I really cared because I showed the editor and he apologised but apparantly something went wrong 🙁 haha

But following the fact that I mentioned in my last blog that I get to do a story on a model, was the further great news that I get to actually go out with the photographer to watch the photos 😉 and interview her!!

Had a deal with the photographer that if i get him the job he will take me there, so hookups galore down here at Quest.

For a person who wants to promote themselves for this competition so much, the model was extremely hard to get a hold of, I would have called her around 10 times and emailed her twice before she finally rang back.

But I’m excited nevertheless…

Later in the day, the journo doing sport for the Wynnum Herald offered me some really good sports stories to do which I was real happy about.

These stories included one on a charity golf day for juvenile diabetes which will probably get a massive run 🙂 even though I hate golf! Well watching it anyway, playing it is fun…

I also got told that a lot of the stories I did last week will get a run in next weeks paper, so all going to plan I should have a lot of stories in the Wynnum Herald, South-East Advertiser and maybe a couple in the Southern Star next week.

During the day I also got to sit it on a news conference meeting with the editor of the South-East Advertiser and his journo’s Alex and Josh and it was a lot more relaxed than I thought it’d be.

They even brought up doing our favorite thing…..VOX POPS…

But I won’t be here when they start their vox pop section.

Anyway three days to go hopefully I can get a lot more done!