Cranking the tunes in my car, I was excited to be heading out on a big adventure… and when I say big adventure, I mean a two hour road trip to outback Toowoomba.

Yep, watch out world, here I come.

Leaving my boyfriend, friends and home behind, I set out with mixed emotions and bags of poorly prepared luggage.

Two hours of karaoke later, I was finally welcomed with the old, familiar sign ‘Welcome to Toowoomba, The Garden City’.

After a short drive around town, a quick pit stop for fuel and few much needed refreshments, I decided to stop in at a local park to take in the sights and make a couple of reassuring calls to loved ones.

And that is when my dilemma began.

Anyone who knows me well enough will not be surprised but what I have to say.

For those lucky few who still think I am some what normal, you are sadly mistaken.

So after pulling over, I get out of my car, lock the door and decide to go for a walk. Needless to say it was about half a second later, I realised I left everything but my phone on the inside of my car.

Normally I would leave my other doors unlocked and this wouldn’t be an issue, but Matty, being the caring and wonderful boyfriend he is, decided to lock all three other doors before I left to ensure my safety. Great. I felt heaps safer locked out of my car… on a road I’m not familiar with… in a town I barely remember.

But making the best of my situation I thank my lucky stars I am a typical gen Y who no matter what always grabs my phone first.

So making the all too familiar call to RACQ they assured me they look after their regular customers and would be there shortly.

It gave me time to reminisce on my long history with RACQ. On a couple of occasions I have even attempted to persuade RACQ to do house calls when I have locked my keys inside the house…unfortunately for me, RACQ don’t do house calls.

ANYWAY, without fail, I was back on the road within half and hour and finally able to reacquaint myself with a primary school friend who I would be staying with for the next two weeks.

It turned out she had been having dilemmas of her own. With the smell of sewerage and dodgy plumbing we finally had the chance to catch up on the seven years we had been apart while eagerly awaiting the plumber.

By that night, everything was finally back on track and my eventful day was almost at a close. In the midst of all the drama I thought it was a sign that I had made a big mistake by coming back to Toowoomba. But looking back on my day all I could remember was the wonderful morning I spent with Matty, one hell of a road trip, reliving my childhood memories while exploring my old home town, and of course, regaining a long lost friendship.

As for all the drama … if locking keys in the car and bad plumbing are the worst of my worries, I think I am pretty damn lucky.

….To those few people who actually made it to the end of this blog, I thank you for your persistence and I hope you enjoyed listening my overly long rant. Stay tuned for my next blog, week one at Toowoomba Chronicle…