First blog since last Tuesday because my internet at home crashed 🙁 

My first week at Quest was quite a good experience and I understand why people think one week is too short for an internship because towards the end of the week I began to get into the routine of getting things done and what to do.

After the stories I did on Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday the other journalists started giving me more and more stories to do and I found myself doing a story on a local bodybuilder and gym owner who is competing at a universe type of competition at Chandler.

This I found really interesting as I got to find out the daily routines of a bodybuilder and the diets etc and I was quite amazed at the food the bodybuilders eat. At first when I called this fellow I was a wee bit intimidated because he seemed very egotistical, but when I had more of a chat with him he was a lot more comfortable talking to me and vice versa.

I also got given a segment in the sports area of the South-East Advertiser called Anatomy of a Champion which is done on elite sports people and this time I had the chance to talk to a former Queensland Firebird netballer in Katie Walker who was a delight to talk to.

I was amazed at how humble she was to be in the segment and was concerned about some of her answers sounding ‘cocky’ thats how humble she was.

This Anatomy of a Champion segment was my favourite thing I did during the week even though it was a simple Q&A type thing.

On Friday I got the oppurtunity to go out with one of the photographers to Lourdes Hill College and have a chat with a student and an assistant principal about a student winning an award.

I was surprised how students react to some type of media being at their school, as I walked around with the photographer students flocked around like Denzel Washington was at the school and when I was watching the photographer do his work I couldn’t help but laugh at the way students reacted.

So overall a good first week at Quest, but I am looking forward to some of the stuff I will get up to in my last week!

Peace everyone!!