It’s almost the end of my internship and I think I’m well and truly settled in.

 I mean, I still get nervous and everything, but I generally feel like I know what I’m doing.


 Wednesday I was able to steal a whole 40 minutes from the editor and managed a hard-hitting interview.

 She was really inspiring, especially when I realised how much we had in common.

 Like me, she left school knowing exactly what she wanted to do (journalism) and knows exactly what she wants to be doing in 10 years (journalism).

 It was definitely great to have a chat to her, adding to my growing collection of Sunday Mail pearls of wisdom.

 Thursday I was able to show some initiative, putting a journo in contact with a student hoping to take a GAP year and getting started on the Statewide stories.

 I was also given the opportunity to visit the printing press, a massive factory of paper, ink and a whole lot of technology at work!

 Here are some WOAH figures:

 1000 papers are printed in one minute.

That’s 22 papers a second.

That’s like 22 papers being printed now and… now! And… now!


 Also, twelve tonnes of ink are used in one week.

 And I thought I was hardcore using up one pen in a week!

 Thursday was definitely a highlight because one of the journalists said I was his favourite intern! Woot!

 (I’m a bit worried he tells everyone this but it’s still nice to hear.)

 It’s hard to give you all the detail of my days here, they pass in a blur of calling (sooo many phone calls!) and writing.

 Definitely gleaning as much as I can from my days though – don’t worry John and Desley, I’m not slacking off!

 And now, Friday morning.

 A couple spare moments to publish this blog and on to some phone interviews, articles and hopefully a chance to head out on a job.

 And while the pressure to perform and impress has been a bit stressful, I’m definitely sorry to have my internship end!