I have never been so nervous in my life, when I had my first day at Quest Mt Gravatt which covers the Southern Star, South-East Advertiser and Wynnum Herald. However I would be doing most of my work for the SE Advertiser.

I was shown around the place on Monday by the South-East Advertiser Editor, Gary Shipway who of course was very relaxed when showing me around and talking to me about the place, which was probably made easier by the fact I know him from basketball anyway.

I was introduced to everyone around the place and everyone was extremely welcoming…

And it wasn’t long until Gary brought me my first couple of tasks to do. Surprisingly they were not advertorials or anything like that but they were stories which would get a fair big space in the paper on students who have won a Student Citizenship Award and a scout group who is recieving an award for helping with the flood recovery.

I was really nervous to make my first phone call to Bulimba MP Di Farmer but mustered up the courage after a while and was so pleased with myself afterwards.

Surprisingly I got my tasks done pretty quickly!!

And by then it was the end of my first day, I left with a great feel of achievement!!

The second day I rocked up to Quest a lot more confident and was given more stories, media releases andother things to do. Luckily Gary had told the other journalist that I am a sports nut and a lot of sports stories/chase ups were given to mewhich I was extremely happy with.

I was also informed by Gary that I could continue doing stuff for Quest for my basketball club and get a by-line after I finish my internship and am covering a massive National Basketball League game in Brisbane which features an NBA player a few days after my internship is completed which is great!!

So I finished my first two days at Quest feeling great about doing journalism and my possible oppurtunities in the future…

Peace Everybody!!!