Today was my first day at Melbourne free publication – mX.

It is based on the 10th floor of the HWT building I’d been working in the last week and was easy to locate. I made it through the similar glass doors on Monday morning and was greeted by a very friendly two gentlemen who directed me to the right where a group of reporters were sitting glued to their computers.

I said hello to the editor Claire, who was very nice and was greeted by Vanessa who would be sitting near me.

She showed me the ropes and I got on to my computer and started reading an Intern welcome kit she had prepared for my arrival.

It had the usual things to do list of any internship and I started researching some opinion pieces Vanessa suggested I could write about.

First topic was relationships, my forte. I whipped up a couple of pieces aimed at the single girl in the City, trying my hardest not to be a try hard Carrie Bradshaw, I tried focusing on the dynamics of how relationships are managed and the things we do as women to mess them up!

I looked at the clock and noticed it had already hit lunch so I left the office and met up with a friend and we ate some yummy rice and chicken combo in one of the alleyways surrounded by office folk and interesting op-shop inspired cool folk.

Going back to the office with a full tummy, I got some good feedback on my stories from Vanessa who said that one in particular she was going to forward to the Features Editor to see if it could be used. I was stoked.

She mentioned that I could go have a chat to her so I walked over to her office and we spoke for the next two hours about almost everything.

Her career highlights, what I want to get into and she showed me the page layout. It was a really informative and relaxed chat where I felt comfortable in telling her some ideas I’d come up with stories.

She had some final drafts to look out and said she would see me in the morning so I packed up my belongings and left for the day to greet a friend for a cocktail at a famous rooftop bar called Cookie which we went up almost 10 flights of stairs to get to!

We had a quiet drink and I realised I had to get to bed since I was going to be attending news conference tomorrow at the bright and early time of 7.30am! I went back to my cosey room, hopped into bed and slept like a rock.