My morning began with a bang – the roll of defeaning thunder and the ensuing ¬†hail storm immediately dampening the day’s prospects.

Nevertheless, by the time I left the house, the sun was peeping out from behind the clouds and I felt brave enough to leave the house without a jacket.

On reaching the office, I organised a time for my interview with the editor (note to self: get a personal assistant – it’s so much cooler asking someone else what you’re doing tomorrow rather than knowing yourself!!).

I was then whisked off by another journalist to follow up a hard hitting story… at the zoo!

Donned in my borrowed poncho (jealous, much?) we trekked through the zoo, following excited kids and learning about sea lions, tigers and penguins.

Travelling to and from the zoo also gave me an opportunity to have a good chat with one of the journalists. I collected a number of pearls of wisdom on the car trip – and not just the usual “you have to be enthusiastic’ stuff, which was nice.

She pointed out a passion for journalism also means a passion for news.

If you’re not already wanting to read and watch the news, she pointed out, this career probably isn’t for you.

(At this point, I thanked my lucky stars I had read the paper and watched the early morning news update before coming in.)

On returning to the office, I then worked on one of my own articles, helped out the paper’s style/fashion guru and wrote up a couple of smaller pieces for the Sunday magazine.

Hm, a slightly short blog entry, but whatcha gonna do?

The day was definitely interesting and I really feel settled in. It’s a little sad to realise I have less time left than I have to go…

Although, looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll get to hang out with the subs!

And you all should look forward to Thursday’s blog entry — heading off to the printing plant! Woot!