Week two started today and I must admit having the longer internships enable settling in much easier.

One week just isn’t long enough to get  a routine.

The constant writing keeps me learning and each day I get more rhythm.

I have finished about 10 stories now…(Unfortunately I am not so organised and will have to round them all up towards the end of the internship  to give to John)

But seven of them have gone to print already and a couple are waiting.

The people have been great and given me two on page three ) one of those was on Saturday – Ned Kelly, a back page sports story and a few small picture stories.

It’s tough trying to come up with 3 ideas each night when the usual material doesn’t always relate to local content.

Managed to get a swim in on the weekend and caught a few fish so obviously the lifestyle also agrees with me.

The stars in the sky at night are worth seeing.

I really didn’t know there were that many and it is worth venturing from the city lights sometime and taking them in.

Apart from that everything is running smoothly and I hope you are all enjoying your time at internships.